3. Answers. . . and Questions: the Traveller

This film starts with the three consultants–Dionysios, Kittos, Archephon–getting their answers, and a question for you, the Traveller…

For an immersive experience follow these viewing instructions. Some more historical information about events in the scene can be found below.

The evidence from Dodona includes very few answers from the oracle, although some do exist. Unlike the famous, riddling responses from the oracle of Apollo at Delphi, the recorded texts of responses from Dodona tend to be very short, one or two words or brief phrases.

Discussion Questions:

  1. From the structure of the questions you have studied so far, is it possible to tell what kinds of answers the oracle probably gave to visitors?
  2. Why were the answers from oracles so significant to those who received them?


Film Credits:

Dionysios: David Jones

Kittos: Talhah Nesar

Archephon: Henry Fuller

Priestess 1: Aniqah Rawat

Priestess 2: Eleanor Fulford

Scripted by: Riley Nicholas with Esther Eidinow

Directed by: Jimmy Hay

Filmed and edited by: Daisy Dai, Liping Pan (Orange Vision Productions)

Produced by: Kirsten Cater, Esther Eidinow, Jimmy Hay, David Jones, Talhah Nesar

From an idea by Esther Eidinow. Funded by The Leverhulme Trust.


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